Industrial Property Law

“It is not what you have got, it is how you use it that makes a difference”. Zig Ziglar (1.926 - 2.012)

Industrial Property


As of today, the Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (MITyC) recognizes the following industrial sectors in which industrial property rights prevail (trademarks and commercial names, industrial design, patents and utility models, semiconductor topography). Said sectors are the following:

  • Textile and clothing manufacturing.
  • Construction.
  • Electronics, information technologies, telecommunications.
  • Automobile manufacturing.
  • Paper goods.
  • Wood.
  • Metal.
  • Manufacturing of automobile parts and constituents
  • Chemical.

The sector of Industrial Property can be divided generally into four broad groups of legal rights:

  • Trademarks and Commercial Names: protect figurative and/or denominative schemes or combinations that help to distinguish products or services in the marketplace from others offered by different economic agents.
  • Industrial Designs: protect the outward appearance of products.
  • Patents and Utility Models: protect inventions in the form of products and/or procedures that are meant for repeated reproduction for industrial ends.
  • Semiconductor topography: protect the fundamental layout of an integrated circuit, that is, the three-dimensional location of its layers, elements, and interconnections, which form the actual constitution of the circuit, which is to say, the literal definition of its “topography.”

The most demanded services pertaining to Industrial Property Solutions are:

  • Registration of:
    • Trademarks and Commercial Names.  
    • Industrial designs
    • Patents and Utility Models
  • Specialized counseling for an optimal and appropriate management of industrial property rights. Commercial strategies.
  • Renewal of: trademarks, commercial names, industrial designs and patents.