Preventative Law

“When you are facing adversities, it is often too late for cautiousness.” Séneca (4 b.C – 65 a.D)

Preventative Law

At DESANTOS LEGAL, we are conscious of the fact that prevention is the most effective course of action against prospective legal problems.

Therefore, we strongly advocate the use of Preventative Law.

Thusly, we offer the client what we would call the primary Preventative Measures:

  • Creation and planned management of a unique Personal Brand / Corporate Identity.
  • A strategy for administration and defense of Intellectual Property and Industrial Property rights.
  • Full optimization and utilization of the intangible assets of Industrial Property and Intellectual Property (Creating goodwill, corporate identity, personal branding, etc.)
  • Legal actions before Customs authorities and National Enforcement Agencies.
  • Legal actions before the courts: Preliminary Injunctions / Preliminary Proceedings.