Criminal Law

“No right holder is entitled, in its condition thereof, to infringe any third-party right in order to enforce its own right”. José Martí (1.853 - 1.895)

Criminal Law


  • Filing of criminal charges and formal complaints on behalf of the client.

  • Personal legal assistance for the suspect at the police station.

  • Personal legal assistance for the suspect in custody at the penitentiary facility.

  • Legal counsel for criminal offences and misdemeanors related to the following legal areas:

  • Industrial Property law

  • Intellectual property law.

  • Consumer law.

  • Public health (possession and / or trafficking of narcotics or illicit substances).

  • Social welfare and workers’ rights.

  • Vehicular traffic and traffic safety (traffic accidents; breathalyzer tests; speeding, driving without a license or registration, Etc.).

  • Domestic violence (domestic abuse, sexual abuse.).

  • Personal Honor (defamation and slander).

  • Socioeconomic order (theft, larceny, fraud, handling of stolen goods, misappropriation, counterfeiting, Etc.).

  • Individual freedom (unlawful detention, kidnapping, coercion, Etc.).

  • Public order (resistance or disobedience of authorities, use of force against authorities, Etc.).

  • Privacy Rights (violation of professional non-disclosure agreements, trespassing, forced entry, Etc.).

  • Family law (defaulting on payment of pensions, child abduction, wrongful family abandonment, Etc.).


  • Misdemeanor proceedings.

  • Speedy trials.

  • Summary proceedings.

  • Summary trial.