Competition Law

“Lack of competition causes inefficiency”. Anonymus

Competition Law


Principally extends and pertains to what is termed the Private Sector; that is, it applies to all companies or marketplace agents which operate in a marketplace of Free Competition and Free Enterprise.


Competition law extends to the following subcategories:

  • Protection of Free Competition.
  • Unlawful Conduct: collusive practices; abuse of power (or status).
  • Unfair Competition (unfair conduct): fraudulence/chicanery; deceitfulness; denigration; breach of confidentiality; inducement or purposeful persuasion into a breach of contract; unlawful handouts/gifts/incentives; misinformation; selling at a loss.
  • Legal Actions: Declaration of unfair conduct; cease and desist order regarding unfair conducts; removal of effects pertaining to the unfair conduct; relief for damages. <