Professional Values and Ethics

“We usually gain the trust of those in whom we trust.”  Tito Livio ( 59 b.C - 17 a.D )

Professional Values and Ethics

DESANTOS LEGAL is an independent law practice conceived with the aim of achieving nothing less than a standard of excellence in all the legal services offered.

We believe it is only possible to achieve said aim of excellence by adhering firmly to a set of legal values and ethics that form the genuine foundation and inspiration of our professional pursuits.

Said values and ethics are the following:

  • A personal, direct, and proactive collaboration with the client.

  • Trustworthiness, confidentiality, integrity, and loyalty.

  • Independence and legal rigor.

  • Ad hoc service, tailored strictly to the needs and unique circumstances of each client and case.

At DESANTOS LEGAL, we are conscious of the fact that a positive outcome for the client is the best possible outcome for us as well. 

Therefore, we firmly advocate for:

  • Bilateral collaboration with the client.

  • Proactive legal counseling.

  • Mutual trust and confidence.